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Program Learning Outcomes

Students will gain the following:


  • Study the roles of race and ethnicity in U.S. society, both historically and today.
  • Analyze how economic and political forces intersect with race and ethnicity in the United States.
  • Understand the aesthetic and creative contributions of U.S. non-whites.
  • Address the representation of racial and ethnic minorities in American culture, history, and politics.
  • Understand the relationships between ideology and power.
  • Study the intersectional natures of race, ethnicity, class, gender, religion, region, nationality, and other factors.


  • Develop an understanding of how race and ethnicity are tied to personal values.
  • Gain an appreciation for the role non-whites have played in building America.
  • Foster a moral and political commitment to multiculturalism.
  • Understand the connections between individual achievement and community involvement.


  • Complete a research or creative project in ethnic studies.
  • Build critical thinking abilities and apply them to real-life issues.
  • Develop oral and written communication skills.